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    Threat Intelligence

    Contextual, Real-Time Insights into the Global Threat Landscape

    Fueled by the Bitdefender Global Protective Network (GPN) protecting over 500 million systems, Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence collects data from sensors across the globe. Our Cyber-Threat Intelligence Labs correlate hundreds of thousands of Indicators of Compromise and turn data into actionable, real-time insights.

    By delivering our top-rated security data and expertise directly to businesses and Security Operations Centers, Advanced Threat Intelligence bolsters security operations success with one of the industry’s broadest and deepest bases of real-time knowledge.

    Accelerated incident response

    Improve threat-hunting and forensic capabilities with contextual, actionable threat indicators on IPs, URLs, domains and files known to harbor malware, phishing, spam, fraud and other threats. Decrease time to value by seamlessly integrating our platform-agnostic Advanced Threat Intelligence services into your security architecture, including SIEM, TIP and SOAR.

    Unique insights into the latest threats

    Fend off attacks before they’re even launched with unique insights into hard-to-catch Advanced Persistent Threats and Command and Control IP feeds. Access the Indicators of Compromise identified and processed by Bitdefender’s global install base and its award-winning anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-fraud technologies.

    Quality sources for accurate insights

    Leverage our premium cyber-threat intelligence with IoCs gathered from one of the widest array of sources: web crawling systems, email traps, honeypots, monitored botnets, data shared with industry partners and law enforcement agencies, and a virtual machine farm that executes over 200,000 malware samples per day.

    Cyber-Threat Intelligence Expertise

    Augment your security capabilities with the expertise of Bitdefender Cyber-Threat Intelligence Labs, a global R&D leader in tests and investigation, with over 100 patents issued for core technologies in the past three years alone. Our 800+ researchers and developers take a layered approach to cybersecurity, using artificial intelligence, deep learning and anomaly-based detection to ensure the accuracy of our threat intelligence feeds.

    Actionable Threat Intelligence at Hand

    Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence seamlessly integrates with top threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), SIEMs and SOAR applications, including ThreatConnect, Anomali, Splunk.

    The integrations are implemented to take advantage of each platform specific features, freeing the user from configuring or managing any API changes.

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    Bitdefender Solution Diagram

    Unifying the entire Bitdefender technology stack, including Network Sandbox Analyzer, Network Traffic Security Analytics, cyber-security partners, global law enforcement agencies, and a Global Protective Network (GPN) of over 500 million machines, Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence delivers top-rated security data and expertise.

    Bitdefender Solution Diagram

    Analyze & Process

    Data is processed with multiple technologies including machine learning and advanced heuristics.


    Data is updated in real-time with new malicious URLs, files hashes, domains, APTs, and C&Cs.


    Global Threat Intelligence Network aggregates and correlates all threat intelligence sources.

    Million URLs
    Million Domains
    Billion Files
    Million Unique IPs

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