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    Bitdefender OEM Technology Solutions

    Over 150 hardware manufacturers, software providers, and cloud-based solution companies have increased their revenue streams by integrating our software development kits (SDKs).

    Technology Licensing Solutions

    Endpoint protection SDKs

    Endpoint Protection

    Easy-to-Integrate, top-performing endpoint security SDKs with excellent results on all operating systems.

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    Gateway protection

    Gateway protection

    Lean and comprehensive security stack, tailored for your email or web secure gateway.

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    IoT protection

    IoT protection

    Award-winning technology, trusted by large hardware companies and able to make your IoT security solution malware proof.

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    Advanced Threat Intelligence

    Advanced Threat Intelligence

    Contextual, Real-Time Insights into the Global Threat Landscape.

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    Take advantage of our award-winning technologies

    Owning the world’s largest security-delivery infrastructure, Bitdefender has consistently outranked competitors in independent tests.

    Bitdefender offers more than 20 modular technology-licensing solutions for its more than 150 partners.

    Our #1 rated security technologies are easy to integrate, rebrand, or bundle and protect over 500 million endpoints on a daily basis.

    Our antimalware solutions can easily tackle ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and zero-day attacks.

    Licensing Options

    SDK Integration

    Choose from over 20 modular software development kits and countless integration scenarios and bring your services to new heights.

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    Cybersecurity software SDK integration
    Cybersecurity software rebrandring / white label

    Rebranding/White label

    Extend your portfolio with premium antimalware solutions and tailor them to your company’s style.

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    Choose between a wide range of solutions, usable out of the box, with no complicated installations and free-of-charge support.

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    Cybersecurity software bundling

    Our technology partners

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