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    Protect your Organization against Ransomware

    with solutions that rank first in preventing and blocking unknown threats

    Bitdefender anti ransomware solutions

    Protect all devices

    Ransomware has quickly become one of the most infectious and feared threats in business environments. Ironically, the main cost is not the ransom itself, but the business downtime it causes – so it is not surprising that only a third of businesses believe they will recover from a ransomware attack without significant losses.


    Security Challenges

    Ransomware awareness

    The epidemic of ransomware in 2016 and the Wannacry and Golden Eye/Petya attacks in 2017

    have made ransomware a top-of-mind concern for all organizations. Both those attacks used components to spread globally in hours, affecting hundreds of companies and bringing down critical infrastructures.

    Malware & Ransomware chalanges

    According to Bitdefender Labs, over 400,000 new malware/ransomware

    variants are created daily, and 99% are only seen once before they are modified. Traditional signature-based AV simply cannot keep up because, by the time a signature is created, the malware has already changed.

    Ransomware targets protection

    Security Managers across all industries should worry

    but those in Health and Financial should be the most concerned, as their industries are the most hunted by ransomware producers. A partial accounting of the damage from an attack includes: reduced productivity and efficiency; increased system downtime; loss of proprietary data; loss of personal identifiable information; lost time restoring data after a breach or infection; damage to a company’s reputation (which can result in lost opportunity costs); and compliance fines.

    Ransomware cyber attacks evolution

    To date, there are roughly 2.8 million known unique samples of ransomware

    and the numbers keep growing. Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated with file-based, fileless, and multi-stage/component variants employed by cybercriminals. These attacks once again highlight the importance of deploying the right kind of multi-layered defensive framework to protect crucial data and the IT infrastructure.



    This article covers more details about the virulent vulnerability and what steps you should take to protect against BlueKeep undergoing BlueKeep attacks and potential future outbreaks.

    The evolution of Ransomware in 2018

    This paper analyzes the evolution of attackers’ methodology and the industries and geographical areas targeted most by ransomware in 2018.

    The Ransomware Threat and a State of High Anxiety

    Ransomware and other continuously evolving and morphing threats have created a high level of anxiety among business executives. Ransomware concerns have escalated among the vast majority of those executives, placing it alongside phishing and other attacks, according to published research.

    The WannaCry Attack 2017

    On May 12th, the WannaCryptor (WannaCry) ransomware family infected thousands of computers across the world. In just 24 hours, the number of infections has spiked to 185,000 machines in more than 100 countries.

    The GoldenEye 2017 Attack

    Everything you need to know about the WannaCry Ransomware

    Ransomware targets SMBs due to weaker protection and greater willingness to pay up

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    All Bitdefender endpoint solutions protect your enterprise endpoints against ransomware.
    Try one of the following:

    Bitdefender anti ransomware product for business -  GravityZone Elite Ultra

    GravityZone Elite Suite

    Layered next-gen architecture that delivers prevention, detection, remediation and visibility in a single modular platform.

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    Bitdefender anti ransomware product for business - Bitdefender GravityZone Security for Endpoints

    GravityZone Security for Endpoints

    Solution designed to protect on-premise deployments, delivering prevention, detection, remediation and visibility in a single modular platform.

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    Bitdefender Bitdefender anti ransomware product for business -  Advanced Business Security

    GravityZone Advanced Business Security

    Bundle of security features and solutions delivering layered protection, including: machine learning anti-malware, behavioral analysis, anti-ransomware, advanced anti-exploit, continuous monitoring of running processes and many more.

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