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    Bitdefender Enterprise Premium Support

    Get quick response to requests and proactive advice from Bitdefender Experts.

    Why Enterprise Premium Support?

    As organizations grow, their internal networks become more complex and the areas that must be protected by security solutions expand. Consequently the dangers that your security team must face each day grow. Bitdefender’s Premium Support services provide quick response to any attack, as well as proactive advice from our experts. As a result, your organization benefits from the optimal security configuration and maximum protection of security systems.

    Enterprise Premium Support Service

    Premium Support Packages

    Bitdefender provides multiple levels of support so you can choose the service level that best fits your organization’s needs. Covering different businesses and overall requirements, the following Bitdefender Premium Support Services are available in our portfolio:

    SMB dedicated support package


    For small and
    growing business

    This service is granted to all Bitdefender business customers who purchased a support subscription. In addition to the standard technical support options, customers willl benefit from a dedicated phone line, reactive remote help assistance and better response SLAs.

    Enteprise dedicated support package


    For organizations that require fast
    response time and prioritization

    In addition to the Business package features, customers will benefit from a number of dedicated services perfomated and exceptional response SLAs.

    Enteprise Plus  dedicated support package

    Enterprise Plus

    For large enterprise with complex

    The Enterprise Plus Support program extends Premium Enterprise Support with a Technical Account Manager (TAM) role, providing focused customer advocacy for organizations with unique or complex support requirements.

    Choose the Premium Support Package that best fits your business requirements

    The higher the level of support, the greater the flexibility you have to choose customized services tailored to cover your business needs.

    Enterprise plus
    Standard Support Package
    Responsiveness & Prioritized case handling
    Maintenance sessions
    Case Escalation Management
    Routine product health checks
    Education Services
    Technical Account Management
    On-site visits

    Technical Account Manager Benefits

    The Technical Account Manager is a Bitdefender expert who is familiar with the customer’s environment, business objectives and deployment plans and coordinates all aspects of the technical customer interaction. With TAM added to the Enterprise Support Package, your organization benefits from:

    phone icon

    Quarter alignment calls

    support icon

    Direct support on technical issues

    warning icon

    Handle escalated technical issues within Bitdefender

    phone icon

    Prioritized feature requests process

    support icon

    Monthly review of open issues in support

    warning icon

    On-demand on-site visits

    Bitdefender offers top services. Quick response, good quality service and support at all times Michael M. Kristensen, Clipper
    We were very pleased to find Bitdefender GravityZone would deliver the security solution we needed with the management capabilities we desired. Additionally, the responsiveness of their professional services team ensured a seamless deployment Brian Alexander, Senior Cloud and Virtualization Architect for Mentor Graphics
    Bitdefender gave us very professional service and support Niklas Nikitin Karlstad University’s IT Security Coordinator

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