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    Bitdefender GravityZone

    The #1 Unified Security?and Risk Analytics?Platform

    Prevents, detects and responds to all?threats that might affect any of your?organization’s assets. You get 360?degrees visibility, insights on the risks?exposure and the tools to enhance the?security posture.
    All of these, fully proven!

    Which product is right for you

    Business Security -30%-50%

    Protection, performance, and usability.

    Elite Security-60%

    Layered architecture in a single platform.

    Advanced Business Security -30%-50%

    Safety through advanced machine learning.

    Security for AWS

    Built for your needs on Amazon Web Services.

    GravityZone Ultra Plus

    Integrated prevention, detection and response for endpoint, network and cloud.

    GravityZone Ultra Security

    The ultimate in advanced protection, detection and response, designed to address the entire threat lifecycle.

    GravityZone Elite-60%

    For security-centric enterprises looking to automate protection while analyzing critical threats.

    GravityZone Advanced Business Security -30%-50%

    Fully Automated, no touch security for any enterprise.

    Cloud Security for MSP

    Independently tested #1 protection in the world.

    Security for AWS

    Built for your needs on Amazon Web Services.

    Protection Solutions for Your Business

    Stay on top of the emerging cyber threats?with one integrated security platform

    Complete Endpoint Security

    Fortify your endpoint security with over 30 security modules, including low overhead Endpoint Detection and Response, risk analytics and endpoint hardening. Get full protection with speed, accuracy, low administrative overhead and minimal performance impact.

    Datacenter and Cloud Security

    Protect your servers and virtual desktops in any cloud effectively and consistently. Minimize the time spent on managing security from days to hours with automated workflows. Improve infrastructure ROI with up to 55% higher virtualization density. Delight end users with up to 36% faster application performance.

    MDR and Threat Intelligence

    Expand your visibility and attack response with threat intelligence streams or up-level your security outcomes through specialized managed detection and response (MDR) services.

    Network Visibility and XDR

    Enhances the enterprise cyber defense with network-based security granting visibility into suspicious network behavior. Extends detection and response capabilities (XDR) to protect all the devices in your environment, including those not supporting a security agent (e.g. IOT and BYOD).

    Network Traffic Analytics


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